provides a direct interface with holiday accommodation
& EVERY single property is bookable online today, quickly, simply and securely.

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Perfect stay offers the facility for accommodation providers to accept credit and debit card payments on their own website.

As an accommodation provider online booking is an essential tool, without it you are missing out on lots of potential customers!

Perfect stay offers

  • Online booking which can run alongside your current booking system letting you reach a wider audience
  • Working 24/7 for you, worldwide
  • Secure bookings from users expecting to book online, then and there
  • Technical support and assistance guaranteed
  • Only 10% commission on sales taken
  • Properties are automatically featured on

What it costs

It's absolutely FREE to set up a Perfect Stay account on your website.

If we take an online booking on your behalf, we only take 10% of the booking fee as a commission.

here's no annual fees, no membership time limits, no credit card processing fees, no hidden costs what so ever!

A traditional booking agent may charge anything from 20% commission upwards, and may also charge a credit card handling fee, joining fee and a minimum membership timescale. They normally only take a deposit and then the accommodation provider has to chase up the balance.

With Perfect stay the WHOLE amount is processed and we pay this direct into your bank account on a twice monthly basis, minus the commission fee, no hassle, no fuss.

How it works

Once you apply for an account you will be allowed to access your admin area immediately. You can then simply set up your account ready to take online bookings.

You can then select a form of 'button' to include on your website to allow the pop up calendar/booking system. A line of code will be emailed for you or your webmaster to insert into your website.

Once your account is authorised you will be ready to take on line bookings.

So where's the small print?

To be honest, we don't really have any! We are very up front over our charges and our system. You can download a copy of our accommodation provider terms and conditions here.

Things to remember about the Perfect stay system:

  • It is up to you to keep your Perfect stay dates and rates as current and up to date as possible.
  • Remember your rates are live online 24 hours per day 7 days per week - and are available for anyone, anywhere to book. If you take a booking for a period by another means (telephone, letter, word of mouth, etc.) - Please remove it from the Perfect stay database as soon as possible.
  • You provide the booker of the accommodation with all of the standard back up you would normally provide - Instructions on getting to the accommodation, your own terms and conditions, perhaps a welcome pack including the aforementioned and perhaps a printed brochure / leaflet.
  • The booking once made through Perfect stay is a binding contract between YOU and the BOOKER. Perfect Stay is simply an agent FACILITATING the booking, and as such can play no part in refunds, cancellations, etc. You are advised to be clear over your terms of business anywhere you provide the Perfect stay interface.

OK, where do I sign up?

To apply for a Perfect Stay account online today, simply fill out the form on the right.

If you would like to speak to a representative to clarify any details simply email or telephone us.


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